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Scheduling Process for Mooney M20F (3535X)

The process begins with a prospective new customer completing the pilot questionnaire and the credit card authorization form.  The prospective customer then returns the following documents to  

  • Pilot Questionnaire

  • Copy of Driver's License

  • Copy of Pilot's License

  • Copy of Medical Certificate

  • Copy of Renter's Insurance Policy with a minimum hull value of $20,000

  • Credit Card Authorization Form

Upon receipt of the documentation indicated above, the prospective new customer will then be sent the Rental Agreement.  Upon signing and returning the Rental Agreement, the new customer will be provided the contact information for Michael Forseth of Pilot Rise, LLC, the CFI and flight school contracted with Zulu Aviation Corporation to conduct check rides, provide dual instruction as required, and sign that pilot off as clear to fly 3535X.  The new customer will contact Michael to either schedule a check ride or any dual instruction that is required in order to meet the insurance requirements to get checked out and be eligible to schedule the aircraft.

Once checked off and approved to fly the Mooney, the new customer will be added to the Flight Circle scheduling software and will schedule flights for 3535X at their leisure, based on the availability of the aircraft.

Scheduling Process for Cessna 172 (46550)

Scheduling the Cessna 172 must be done through Rich Aviation Services.  For the pilot who already has his or her Private Pilot License, this simply involves contacting Rich Aviation Services and scheduling a check ride in the aircraft.  Once approved, Rich Aviation Services will add the pilot to their Flight Schedule Pro scheduling software and the pilot will be able to schedule the aircraft at their leisure, based on the availability of the aircraft.

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