We are a locally owned company based in Fort Worth, Texas. Our goal is to provide affordable aircraft to rent to private pilots without having the overhead and burden of paying flying club dues. We encourage overnight trips and have a unique formula that can permit a pilot to rent our aircraft for a weekend trip without having to pay a fee while the aircraft is sitting on the ramp away from the home airport.


We currently have two aircrafts in our inventory:  A 1967 Mooney M20F Executive for

the more experienced pilot who wants to go places quickly in a very efficient aircraft. The Mooney cruises at about 150 mph and has a useful load of 974 pounds, all while burning about 10 gallons of fuel per hour! Once checked out in the aircraft, our customers are added to our Flight Circle scheduling software and schedule the aircraft for rent at their pleasure.  3535X is based at Fort Worth's Hicks Airfield (T67).

For the new pilot or customers who are wanting to learn to fly, we have a Cessna 172 on leaseback to Rich Aviation Services, a local flight school based at Meacham Airport (KFTW), next to Texas Jet. This aircraft is also available for rent subject to availability, but pilots must be checked out by a Rich Aviation Services CFI.  This aircraft must be scheduled through the Rich Aviation Services Flight Schedule Pro scheduling software. We are interested in expanding our fleet as we bring on additional pilots who want to rent our planes, in order to ensure that there is always a plane available when you want to fly.