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RATES (All rates are wet rates)

*  Flight Instruction - $30-$80 per hour (Depending on the CFI) 

DISCLAIMER:  Zulu Aviation Corporation is NOT a flight school and we do NOT have any flight instructors on staff.  Zulu Aviation Corporation has contracted with several Certified Flight Instructors, who have been approved by our insurance underwriter, to provide the necessary instruction in order to meet the minimum insurance requirements to be eligible to fly the Mooney M20F Executive (N3535X) as the PIC.  As independent contractors, clients pay the CFIs directly tor any instruction that they receive in our aircraft.  Any initial instruction required to be checked out to fly our airplane, and the check-out ride itself, can only be done by one of our insurance approved flight instructors.  Once checked out in the aircraft, client's can choose an instructor of their choice for advanced flight instruction (like to receive instrument instruction, for example). 

*  Mooney M20F Executive (3535X)

PROMOTIONAL RATE:  $175 / Hobb hour for first 10 hours flown as the PIC (this rate expires one year after being checked out in the airplane or after flying 10 hours as the PIC, whichever comes first).

REGULAR RATE:  $195 / Hobb hour 

OVERNIGHT RATE:  $195 / hour OR $450 per day (whichever is GREATER)

We encourage extended trips and we do this by making the aircraft affordable.  Accordingly, we do not charge a daily Hobb minimum for extended trips, but either the regular rate for the actual Hobb hours flown or a daily minimum rate.  For example, it is approximately a 4 hour flight from Hick Airport (T67) to Huntsville AL (KHSV).  It would cost a pilot $1,560 for the 8 hour flight (round trip).  However, most flight schools also charge a minimum daily Hobb rate in addition to the actual Hobb hours flown, so you would still be paying the $1,560 plus an additional fee for the Saturday that the plane sat on the ramp.  Ouch!   We do not do that.  With our formula. if you flew to Huntsville AL on Friday and returned Sunday, you would only pay $1,560 for the Hobb hours flown.  Our minimum daily rate is $450 per day, so in this example, the minimum daily rate for three days (partial days count as full days) would be $1,350.  Thus, we would only charge you the $1,560 for the actual Hobb hours flown.  Now in this same scenario, if a pilot wanted to rent the aircraft fly to KHSV for Thanksgiving, departing T67 on Wednesday and returning on Sunday, they would pay $2,250 for the 5-day rental ($450 x 5 days) and the Hobb hours flown would be included in that price, since the cost for the Hobb hours would still be $1,560.

*  Cessna 172K (46550) - $145 / Hobb Hour

Our Cessna 172K is on a leaseback to Pilot Rise, LLC.  All client's wishing to rent this aircraft must first be checked out and approved by a Pilot Rise CFI.  The aircraft must be scheduled through Pilot Rise charges for renting the aircraft must be paid directly to Piot Rise.  Aviation Services.

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