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Pilots must meet the following minimum requirements in order to qualify to fly the Mooney M20F Executive (3535X)

  (1)  100 hours total time
  (2)  25 hours of retractable time OR 10 hours dual instruction time with one of our insurance approved Certified Flight Instructors.
  (3)  5 hours in Make and Model (which can also be obtained by receiving dual instruction with one of our insurance approved Certified Flight Instructors)

James Postels, one of our owners who is a CFI, CFI-I and MEI, is our Chief Flight Instructor for the Mooney.  We also have several other Certified Flight Instructors with whom we have contracted that have also been approved to do check-out flights for new clients, as well as provide dual instruction to assist clients in obtaining the minimum requirements to get checked out in the airplane.  Any instruction required to meet the minimum standards set by our insurance underwriter must be provided by one of the Certified Flight Instructors who have been approved by the underwriter.  Once checked out in the airplane, a pilot can schedule any additional instruction hours with a CFI of their choice (like instruction for instrument training, for example), provided the CFI of their choice has also been checked out in the airplane. 


Cessna 172 (46550) "Red"

Our Cessna 172 is on a leaseback to Pilot Rise, LLC.  There are not any minimum requirements needed to rent this aircraft (except a PPL) and the pilot must pass a check ride with a Pilot Rise CFI before they are authorized to fly the aircraft.  Any dual instruction in the Cessna must be done with a Pilot Rise CFI.  Pilot Rise can be contacted at (817) 221-0604.


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